Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I love those two photos , they are from last summer. I took the first at a friends house, she had this black cat call "Čert" which means Satan in Czech, because he is could be so mean sometimes.lol.but evil or not I love how intense his eyes looked. The second one is from a zoo in the south of Czech republic, I loved the nature there it felt more like a farm than a zoo, so you felt less sad about the animals in there.


Nathalie said...

The picture of the cat was really cool!

Signe said...

Thank you for your comment - unfortunately the pictures aren't taken by me but by some very talented photographers I came across at flickr. I've linked to them in the post :)

I love the colours in these pictures. Can I ask you what camera you use?

Kate said...

What a neat picture of this meow! Very sweet.


mr. maus said...

thank you, but your picutres are even better ;)
i loooove black cats !! ♥

rouli said...

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