Sunday, January 9, 2011


So here I am back in Canada after a wonderful time in Tunisia. I had a great time there overall (except for a little illness, and a social crisis). I missed blogging a lot, I couldn't blog or post because the state blocked almost every internet connection, and they blocked the possibility to upload pictures. So I had to wait two weeks until I could finally post some of the pictures I took.
Here is the first part, they were taken in Hammamet for the first part of them. I don't really enjoy Hammamet usually, especially in the summer because it's packed with tourist and so crowded. But I must say that it is quite lovely in the winter. It looks like a Mediterranean village again, the hotels are empty, and the streets are calm and silent. This winter it was quite windy and cold, and the sky was both sunny and dark. It was so pleasant to walk down those streets.
And now that I am back I must say I miss it a lot, I feel so happy when I am close to the beach. And what I miss the most is the Mediterranean food, I missed it so much that I had to made a Mediterranean salad today. I found the recipe in Sophie Dahl's cooking book.

I will now leave you with those pictures, I will post some more probably next week.