Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mon Moulin

While I was in Czech Republic I visited an old windmill in the region of Bohemia. It was located on a lovely sunny hill, surrounded by wheat field, and apple tree plantations. At first I thought it was abandoned but a couple of minutes after I got there, a girl came and ask me if I wanted to visit the place, and that's why I was able to take some photos inside. She told me that it was their family windmill for nearly 2oo years, and that from time to time they are spending a couple of days there ( they had a little country house build next to it). It must be really lovely to wake up in the morning in such an enchanting place.
SO here are some of the pictures I took there, next time I will show you some of the pictures I took in Cerna Hora in the North of the country.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello there!
I am finally back home and it feels good! I have miss blogging and reading your daily posts.
My 3 weeks in Czech Republic were amazing..I really enjoyed the time spent with my family, we got to see many beautiful places not only in CZ but also in Germany and finally in France as I got the chance to visit the southern part of the country. Of course I took a lot of pictures so I will post them as the week goes by.
I was also so happy to to receive a vintage camera so I will probably be posting some of my film photos more often.
Until then here are some photos of my journey!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am on the road again, this time I am heading to Czech Republic, and it will make it impossible for me to blog, because my grand parent have an old school meaning of holidays which consists of complete deconnection with the cyber world. So I will have to leave my computer in Tunis for 3 weeks , too bad because I will really miss blogging and reading all of your post , but I will try my best to keep with some of your blogs ^^ I hope, and if I don't I will catch up when I come back. The good thing is that I will get to see my czech family that I haven't seen for a year now, and also I really missed my country.. I will be able to enjoy the semi-finals of the world cup with the german part of my family ( I hope germany will keep on winning and play as good as today!! ).
So I leave you with some photos taken at the airport and other representing the place I enjoy being at in czech republic, which consist mostly of places in the middle of nowhere, I love biking there and drawing.
Pictures reprent the cities of :
1.decin, CZ ( my home town, I was born and lived there the first years of my life ) / 2. ustek, CZ / 3.Liberec, CZ / 4. Prague
I hope to come back with a lot of pictures, and I wish you all to have good holidays, see you in 3 weeks !!