Sunday, August 29, 2010


ph. taken by me in Ottawa back in November : Ottawa Cathedral

It's been a long time since I blogged, but this time I had a good reason for it.. My boyfriend lost his grandpa, so I was trying my best to cheer him up through this difficult period. So this week he went to Madagascar for the funeral and he will be back on Wednesday. And I wasn't really in the mood to blog, since I kept thinking about what he must be going through. So maybe when he comes back I will more cheerful and motivated to take pictures.

Anyway I wish you all a great weekend.

PS: Sorry for the quality of the first photo, I don't know why it came out so blurry.


Devka Ulanov said...

I'm so glad that you have writen to me in french ! :)
where did you discover them ?

LegalJunior said...


I'm from Brazil

i liked this blog

visite for me please

Juliet said...

Oh, darling! I'm so sorry for you and your boyfriend. Loosing a family member is always so hard. You'll be on my prayers. No worries about coming back. Do it when you're ready.

juliet xxx

LegalJunior said...

Thank you for coming to my blog
you are always welcome

Indie.Tea said...

I hope that everything has calmed down now.
Beautiful pics...

danica said...

that's sad news about your boyfriend's grandpa :( hope you are both going well.

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a wonderful cathedral and my condolences to your boyfriend.

Annabel said...

enjoy your time these pictures.

Ctoonz said...

omg, thats so sad, I am sorry for that :)

I hope u n ur boyfriend can keep sunshine in yourselves! :D

anyway, i always love your HEAVYYYYYY photos! hahhaa :D

CLIFF from

Pariuri said...

it's very beautiful, i cant wait to visit that place

Barbara said...

oh that's sad :( hope he feels better soon


char said...

your blog is lovely, dear, i love the photos you took... the stripped branches look so beautiful against the wintry sky :)
i'm so sorry for your boyrfiend, it's so hard losing a loved one. i hope he feels better soon xx

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

im sorry about your bf grandpa ~ i really like the pics in the post!

ching said...

the cathedrals are breathtaking. i'm sorry for the loss of your boyfriend's grandpa. may he rest in peace.

rouli said...

hey cool post here!

thanx for visitin:)

keep in touch dear!


rouli said...

hey cool post here!

thanx for visitin:)

keep in touch dear!